Easy and Healthy Plantain Chips Recipe

One of many things I like doing to save money and a few calories is finding healthier (and cheaper) ways to make some of my favorite snacks. El Sol Brands, Inc. makes some rather tasty plantain chips but they’re about $1.25 per bag at my local grocer. Not terrible, but I feel that homemade is almost always the best way to-go.

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The Five Must Have Accessories To Have This Summer

When it comes to Fashion, I’m definitely an accessories type of girl. Purses, scarves, jewelry, you name it and I probably have it in my closet. I thought I would share my must-have summer staples that I feel every fashionista should have.


Glasses by A.J.Morgan


Sunglasses are diffidently a must! Not only do a good pair of sunglasses protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays they look awesome on your face. My favorite sunglasses are the hundred dollar ones, Actually, my favorite brand this season for sunglasses is AJ Morgan. I just love the colors, shapes, and sizes of their glasses and the glasses are totally affordable they won’t put a huge dent in my pocketbook.


Hat by ASOS

2. Hats 

I love hats, they are so fun to play around with! They are a lifesaver when you have a bad hair day, not to mention they cool protect you from the scorching sun. There are so many different types of hats to choose from.  I  especially love the drama of a wide brim hat. They always remind me of the fashions from one of my favorite fashion eras of the 1950’s and the days of Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield.  


Scarf by a_littlething on eBay.


There is a joke around my house there isn’t a scarf I see that I don’t instantly love. I especially love the long thin ones that I can wrap my hair up in summer days. However, if you don’t like a good headscarf, then you should think about wearing one around your neck. A scarf can add a bit of pizazz to an otherwise dull outfit and accessible to every price range.

Sandals Wedges

Sandals by Craft and Barrow via Kohls


Wearing sandals are always fun and stylish. In my neck of the woods, the climate is so warm that I can wear sandals all year around. And there is so much variety. From your basic flip flops or high-heeled sandals, or ankle boot hybrids there’s just so much to choose from. And just like Scarves, depending on the sandal you can wear them at day or night.


Umbrella by Leegoal via Amazon


Okay, you are probably thinking that I’m crazy, but just hear me out! Umbrellas are a total necessity in the summertime. You never know when you get caught up in an unexpected summer storm. A  good umbrella will keep you nice and cool on a sunny day and if you are clever fashionista you can accessorize it flawlessly with your outfit.

Those are my must five accessories of the summer.  What are your favorite accessories to wear during the summer? Let me know down in the comments! And if you love this post, please check me out on my blog ‘Dress Them Up‘ and hit me up on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.