Easy and Healthy Plantain Chips Recipe

One of many things I like doing to save money and a few calories is finding healthier (and cheaper) ways to make some of my favorite snacks. El Sol Brands, Inc. makes some rather tasty plantain chips but they’re about $1.25 per bag at my local grocer. Not terrible, but I feel that homemade is almost always the best way to-go.

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3 tips on how to live “Happily Single”

If you haven’t read my Hello World post or been to my About Me page I identified my relationship status as “happily single”. There was a time where I was looking for companionship and felt lonely. My previous relationship wasn’t the best by-far but you get use to having someone around. Not going to bore you with everything it took to get to where I am; just wanted to share a few key things that really helped me.Keep Reading

6 Tips on How to Grow Healthy Nails

Two of the main reasons I stopped getting my nails done at the shop are:

  • time commitment and

  • money

The natural oils in nails prevents nail polish from staying on longer than a day or so. UV gel nail polish offers an nice alternative. It’s very pretty, stays on for about 14 days or longer, but it’s harsh on nail beds.

If you ever had a mani with gel nail polish you know that to remove the nail polish they have to soak your nails with acetone nail polish remover. Very effective for removing nail polish while also drying out your nails, cuticles and skins. This is a good thing for nail salons because it keeps you coming back. If that wasn’t enough they SCRAPE you nail beds with a tool they use to push back your cuticles. It hurts too!!

So here’s a nice alternative…
Sally Hansen Gel nail polish

Tips for growing your own nails

  • Take vitamins. There’s a number of different vitamins for hair, skin, and nails. I am in the process of reviewing the It Works! Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamins. Currently 18 days into my 30 day supply. See my Instagram post.

  • Wear gloves when cleaning.

  • Push back your cuticles.

  • File your nails to avoid snags.

  • Nail biter? Keep nails painted.

  • Invest in a good mani/pedi kit.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself; I do it quite often myself. These are just some helpful tips if you find yourself in position where you need to reevaluate your money or just want to use your time and money someplace else. That $35 or more you save on your mani or pedi  not to mention gas, time, and tip can go towards that Gucci bag you always wanted and they last A REALLY LONG TIME and look good with just about any outfit. I’ll take door #2 but it’s totally up to you!Keep Reading