Easy and Healthy Plantain Chips Recipe

One of many things I like doing to save money and a few calories is finding healthier (and cheaper) ways to make some of my favorite snacks. El Sol Brands, Inc. makes some rather tasty plantain chips but they’re about $1.25 per bag at my local grocer. Not terrible, but I feel that homemade is almost always the best way to-go.

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Use these 5 Grocery Shopping Tips to Help you Save Money

Being a newly single parent going from a two parent earning household making in the lower 6 figures to less than a 1/3 of that (I got all the bills though yea!!!) a chick had to make some drastic changes. One of those changes was definitely how money was spent. So I combed through all my finances. Some areas I had no control over but one of the areas I did, was my family’s grocery budget.

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3 tips on how to live “Happily Single”

If you haven’t read my Hello World post or been to my About Me page I identified my relationship status as “happily single”. There was a time where I was looking for companionship and felt lonely. My previous relationship wasn’t the best by-far but you get use to having someone around. Not going to bore you with everything it took to get to where I am; just wanted to share a few key things that really helped me.Keep Reading