About Me

Hi everyone!! My name is Pennie. I’m single, happily single, raising two expensive drama queens (not an exaggeration). I’m recently divorced and I wouldn’t wish that on my worse enemy whoever that is. What I’ve learned and the weight lifted off my shoulders from someone that wasn’t right for you really give you a new leash on life (if you’re looking at it from the right perspective). I suffer from depression and PTSD so adding the stress of a failed marriage and MOUNTAINS of debt doesn’t help the situation, but have you heard….God can move mountains!

I have an undergraduate in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and my Graduates is in Project Management. Air Force Veteran, separated in 2010. Opted and selected to go Naval Officer in 2013 but wasn’t in God’s plan and I was deemed medically unfit. Wasn’t aware of the trials, tribulations, and opportunities that were in store for me. Did the stay at home mom gig for closed to 3 years and it was ROUGH.  Stay-at-home mom/dad is one of the hardest (but rewarding)  jobs out there. Overworked and underpaid (lets not forget under appreciated) is definitely an understatement. I salute those that can take the heat! Can’t say whether it wasn’t for me or it just wasn’t with the right person but I had to get out the kitchen and went back into the workforce. This is where I felt like I belonged. Raising a family, having a career, and enjoying the things you love with the people you love is possible with organization, and some sort outlet and/or support system.

See my Hello World! post.

I’m the definition of a whole contradiction. I rock high-end designer accessories and fashion at times, but I make my own laundry detergent. Enjoy dressing up but I embrace the natural, no make-up, couch potato look my absolute fave. There are times where I can’t keep still and want to do anything and everything. Then there’s those times where I just want to read a book and not answer my phone. *Shrugging shoulders* it can be like that sometimes, but I make it work for me by accepting who I am (will always strive to improve though) and finding that balance to navigate through this wonderful thing called LIFE.
Passionate about writing; I’m semi-decent, but this is coming from a bias source. Love to help people and if I can do that through my experiences then that would be so amazing.

Although I maybe all over the place there’s a few things that remain the same:

  • I love the Lord; He is the center of my life.
  • I love my family; they’re the reason why I do what I do. and
  • I love and have compassion for people as a whole because I think we should want to see each other grow and succeed.

I started this blog to encourage people to be the best them they can be. Through the ups and downs mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially I’ve found my strength and I have become pretty savvy in some areas and want to pass what I’ve learned along. Life is a blessing and I write this blog in hopes that it is a blessing to you and your families as well.

Lots of Love!!

Want to work together? Email me @ frugalboujeemama@outlook.com