Use these 5 Grocery Shopping Tips to Help you Save Money

Being a newly single parent going from a two parent earning household making in the lower 6 figures to less than a 1/3 of that (I got all the bills though yea!!!) a chick had to make some drastic changes. One of those changes was definitely how money was spent. So I combed through all my finances. Some areas I had no control over but one of the areas I did, was my family’s grocery budget.

Here’s a few tips that have helped me get control of my family’s grocery budget without compromising completely on quality; even earning a few dollars back!

1-  Shop around. A typical BIG grocery shopping day for me consist of me going to multiple stores. I like to start at the discounted stores first (like Aldi’s loving Grocery Outlet too; formally known as Amelia’s), moving my way up to Walmart, Giant, Weis, and so on. A lot of times I do not have to make it past the trip to Walmart depending on what I need.

picture of a big grocery shopping day and my 5 year old playing with her Shopkins at her kiddie table

One time I started with Aldi’s instead of Grocery Outlet and I was off to a good start. Helped a lady with her cart she didn’t know how to get her quarter back. Showed her and she let me keep the cart. A savings of $0.25 from the gate WINNING!!!

It’s just those little things that give me the warm fuzzs…I digress.

Sunday Paper with circular and in insert coupons

2-Coupons. They can be a hassle but when you’re low on cash you should definitely make the time. Learn to love it! Post coming soon on some of my go-to spots for coupons and how I organize them (coupons). I am definitely a fan of Ibotta which I accumulated a lot of cash back from and I subscribe to GCC (

3-Look at weekly store circulars. Sometimes I based my shopping around (#1) according to the store circular. I look at these either by getting the Sunday paper or on my “Flipp” app.  screenshot of the Flipp app in the google store from my Samsung note 4I do this to ensure that the trip to stores like Giant, Weis or in your case Pubix, Kings Soopers, Safeway, Fry’s, Piggly Wiggly (saying that always makes me chuckle) and so on are worth the effort. I prefer to get my produce and some of my meats from certain stores as opposed to others but that’s just a quick in and out trip that can be done on any day.

Shortbread cookies, fig bar, organic granola, and Larabar for those pre-shopping munchies 4-Have a snack before you go.

 Study done on consumers shopping on an empty stomach. It can do more damage than some people realize but this will also help with the next step…

5-Make a list and STICK-TO-IT. I either do this or have a predetermined amount I am willing to spend in mind because places like Aldi’s and Grocery Outlet have an ever changing inventory so it’s hard to pinpoint what they may have or not. Aldi’s is a little more consistent as far as inventory.  

grocery shopping list with reminder templateBonus tip: Look for discounted gift cards. Gift Card Granny has grocery gift cards for 3% off and up right now. Every little bit helps.

Those are my 5 grocery shopping tips to help you save money .  What are some of things you use to save money? Let me know down in the comments! And if you love this post, please subscribe to my blog and  hit me up on my Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


  1. says

    These are such great tips,o find that there are bit much store coupons available in the UK.My greatest fault is not sticking to the shopping list. I wI’ll do well to follow it going forward

    • says

      Everything looks tasty when you’re hungry. Apparently in the article I linked not eating before you go shopping ruins your eating habits for the week! That’s bananas

  2. says

    I appreciate all of your tips as I am under the same circumstances and it is great to know where to save when grocery shopping. Thanks for this article as it is very timely for me.

  3. Danielly Friedrich says

    You live in America, right? I envy so much the cupom culture you have there! But anyway I still can use the other tips, the one that says to have a snack before is so true! When we’re hungry we end up buying more food because your mind is kinda desperate hahaha

  4. corinatime says

    Thank you for this great read. I love to save money. I will definitely try some tips you gave. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. says

    Always great advice to make a list and to stick to it. I save tons of money by making a meal plan and then sticking to my list. Also, way less food to throw out! Great advice on how to stretch a dollar!

  6. says

    Having raised five sons, I found all of these tips to be true. The only one I would eliminate is #1. I’ve found that sticking with the same grocery store and doing all the other tips pays off better. I get specials in the mail rewarding me for my loyalty and I save on gas and wear and tear on myself. This works for me. 🙂

  7. says

    Thanks, we have a large family so anyway to save on money is appreciated. I’m going to share this with my friends! Thanks for sharing this awesome post, Pennie!

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