3 tips on how to live “Happily Single”

If you haven’t read my Hello World post or been to my About Me page I identified my relationship status as “happily single”. There was a time where I was looking for companionship and felt lonely. My previous relationship wasn’t the best by-far but you get use to having someone around. Not going to bore you with everything it took to get to where I am; just wanted to share a few key things that really helped me.

1. Be complete…on your own.

Give yourself time to sort things out. Learn more about yourself before you take on others. Without a self -improvement/evaluation (not saying you did something wrong) you are extremely vulnerable and desperate for love. This tends to cloud judgement overlooking “red flags” which can put you in the same position you were before (if not worse).

Repeating the cycle.

So naturally, you’ll think there’s something wrong with you! Well, yeah, you’re not giving yourself enough time to truly heal in between relationships.

2. Look at your breakup as an opportunity.

Think of all the things that were hindered or put on-hold because of the relationship. If you cannot find anything, start a bucket list, find a hobby, volunteer someplace, start a blog! Occupy your time with other things.

If all else fails find some good shows (nothing sappy) to binge watch; get caught up in someone else’s shenanigans.

3. Sometimes you have to fake it till you make it.

Start by simply saying you are happily single.

It can be a hard process at first. After awhile it is my hope that you’ll start truly believing that you are happily single. Or at the very least you given yourself enough time evaluate yourself and past relationships and know what you want and don’t want and stick with it!

Are there any good relationship stories out there? Is anyone also celebrating their singleness?

Please share in the comments…I love a good a story!

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  1. says

    These are great tips! I’m pinning this to my support board on Pinterest because everyone should know how to be happy without an SO. I post a lot of dating stuff on my blog so I think it’s important for my readers to know I’m not pushing for them to find someone 🙂

    • says

      Absolutely, and there’s no added pressure on your relationship because you have found who you are. If you haven’t found yourself it can place burdens on your mate to make you happy or “complete” which can be extremely frustrating

  2. says

    Currently, I am not single but I’ve been through breakups and singleness as well. I can still relate to this. I’ve experienced too many heartbreaks before I finally found “the one”. He came when I was about to give up on relationships and that was unexpected. You’re right with those tips. You don’t have to be that “desperate” for love and relationship. Sometimes you gotta love yourself first before you love someone else. 🙂

  3. says

    Girl, you said a mouthful. One of my struggles after a relationship years ago was being complete. I had found so much of my identity in this man who wasn’t even a good fit for me. I would say our breakup was probably the best thing that happened to me because it reminded me of who I was and who I wasn’t and challenged me to become my OWN person.

  4. says

    You listed some very useful tips here. I especially love the first one. You are absolutely right when it comes to that. It is very important to evaluate yourself. It could be you thats making your relationships fail.

  5. Nicole Caudle says

    This is such great advice. I am newly divorced; but I am currently on step 1. It’s been a great journey of self discovery so far.

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