Save time and money without compromising quality with this cosmetic line.

Busy days? Get dolled up in 5 mins with this make-up routine. 

One of things I love to do is support small/home-based businesses. These businesses are ran by  veterans, the disabled, and women just to name a small, small few. So to show my support I buy their products and write reviews about them in hopes to generate more business for them. Most of the products I review I use my own money but every once in awhile I am gifted with a product. {Also check out the youtube video at the end of this post}


Two individuals I know have decided to become consultants for Tyra Beauty. This is make-up line by the legendary Super Model Tyra Banks. Which is in my opinion been a long time coming.

Tyra Beauty

Baby Got Matte & 5 min Tyover (Flirty)

With her long running modeling career and large success with the fashion-themed reality show “Next Top Model” it only makes sense to come out with a cosmetic line. From a former MAC Cosmetic fanatic to substituting some drug store lines I wasn’t really feeling the prices. I may be “boujee” but with my recent changes in income; a chick had to make some cutbacks.

I purchased the:

Baby Got Matte Collection – $45.00 and

5 Minute Tyover in Flirty – $91.70

Ooowee, I have not spent that kind of money on cosmetics in quite sometime and I promise you I tried my hardest to find a promo code…



Baby Got Matte Collection, is matte liquid lip color that comes in 3 shades : suede, cashmere, and velvet. Loved them all! I have full (okay, just big) lips and I was amazed that my lips didn’t chap and I didn’t have to re-apply.

5 minute Tyover comes in your choice of three shades : light, deep, and deeper than deep also known as light, medium and dark. I got the deep because I am not fair-skinned but I am not considered dark either. This 5 minute Tyover includes 6 things to achieve the desired  look which in my case was…flirty.

Tyover includes:

Light in a Stick

Sculpt in a Stick

Cheek in a Stick

Eyes in a Stick

Smack my Fat Lash (I love, saying that lol) and

What Lipstick?

Baby Got Matte Collection vs. MAC is about $6 cheaper. MAC Cosmetics goes for about $17.00 each. You can justify the price difference with the shipping cost. MAC has free shipping or you can always go to a department store while Tyra Beauty has flat rate shipping for $5.95 (at least to my area).

If I were to buy everything that the 5 Minute Tyover offered for $91.70 from MAC it would come to approximately $130.00. So there’s some saving there too.

One of the awesome things I liked about Tyra Beauty products….NO MAKEUP BRUSHES! You blend everything with your digits (fingers). That’s a good selling point for me because I have spent tons of money on make up brushes and cleaners alone.

Whether you want to stick with your MAC, Bobby Brown, or one of your drug store favorites I just wanted to throw this out there as an alternative. There’s some wonderful ladies out there selling this product and although it may be a little pricey it is a great product. {video review and tutorial below}



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