Hello world!

Back for the first time. A little about me.

Hello my name is Pennie. I am a happily single female addicted to retail, but I do not like spending money…how does that work?! It works, but it has taken some trial and error that has gone against my upbringing and professional background. I started a blog back in 2011 but  I

did not own the site so I lost my content and I have contributed to others’ blogs (some would call it “ghostwriting”). Now here I am; on my own. I started this blog in hopes to help others live their lives to the fullest extent possible.

A little about me if you have not gone to my “About Me”. I am mother of 2 drama queens, recently divorced, and have a few diagonosed mental conditions to add to my belt. Not glorifying it in any way but it’s a reality for more people than we realize or want to admit. Going from a 6 figure household to maybe less than a 3rd of that (same amount of debt though!), raising two kids, and battling with depression can send a person to the nuthouse BUT GOD.

I planned to share some thoughts on how to get out of your funk or prevent you from getting into one, how to save and enjoy your money in a healthy and fun way, and some Christian content among other things. A little rusty, so bear with me. I am excited, after some internal debating I have leaped back into this and I am looking forward to taking this journey with everyone!

Want to work together? Email me @ frugalboujeemama@outlook.com

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